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All-In-One supplement for vegans

The perfect supplement for a plant-based lifestyle & a better world in a compostable bottle

Most plant-based diets are nutrient deficient.

We have the solution! Upperz contains everything you need to supplement your plant-based diet: Omega-3, B12, D3, and more.

All-In-One supplement

We have done excessive research and only use ingredients with the highest purity.  Our supplement contains the 9 nutrients that are mostly missing from a plant-based diet. Improve your health and boost your mind & energy with only 2 pills a day.


Fully Compostable Packaging

At Upperz we care for the planet and know you do too.
Our packaging is made with recycled content and water-based biodegradable inks and is fully compostable.


Only Ethical Ingredients

All our ingredients come from suppliers who grow climate-friendly. For example, they compensate for greenhouse gas emissions. We also traceback all our ingredients to their source to make sure no animal products we’re used.


Feel Energized, Focused, Happy & Beautiful

Upperz supports a positive mood, promotes a sense of well-being and relieves stress. If your body is feeling well, your feeling well!


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Terraseed Multivitamin Boosts Your Immune System

9 Vegan Power Nutrients

Macrodoses of Vegan D3, Vitamin-C & Zinc

Packed with Omega-3 Algal Oil

Full of Nutrients Proven to Support Immunity

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As a vegan, every month you save

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